(2023) Another contribution of my PhD work now published in Nature Communications Nature Portfolio 

Seismologists know very well what a hard task it is to detect shear waves propagating through the inner core of

(2022) Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship

I am very honoured to be a recipient of the Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship 2022! So grateful to now

(2022) Radio interview #20PhDs20Mins

Very excited to chat about my Ph.D. research on the Earth's #innercore with a group of talented Ph.D. candidates across

(2021) AuSope 2021 Conference

I was awarded a prize for the most inspiring early career research talk during the #auscope2021 conference and my book has

(2021) The ExtraMile

Last April, I decided to ride 200 km to raise awareness and support the prevention and treatment of people with

(2020) An adventure on the Southern Ocean – part II

Would you like to see some nice photos of wildlife and landscape near Macquarie Island? Or to know what sea

Australian Geophysical Observing System (AGOS)

(2020) An adventure on the Southern Ocean – part I

It is so cool to be an #RSESrockstar ! I invite you to read my blog shared last week on

RV Investigator panorama view

(2020) Installing seismometers on the ocean bottom

And we are off!  Our science team from The Australian National University and IMAS ( University of Tasmania) departed Hobart on

Ms. Thuany Costa de Lima (myself), Dr. Son Pham, Mr. Sheng Wang, Mr. Matthias Scheiter, Ms. Buse Turunçtur

(2019) Best poster award

Folks from the Seismology and Mathematical geophysics group of RSES giving talks and presenting posters at the Australasian Leadership Computing