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Animated GIF of Seismic Waves Earthquake Simulator at IRIS
# Try running this script from your terminal :)
# Costa de Lima, T

# Asking the user an important question !
echo "Have you done science today? (yes/no)"

read varname

if [ "$varname" == "no" ];then
	echo "Hum... das not good. Go do some science and come back later."

else if [ "$varname" == "yes" ];then
	echo "Hum... Was the science good?"
	read var_1
	if [ "$var_1" == "yes" ];then
		echo "Awesome! You deserve a chocolate :D"
		echo "That is okay. You still deserve a chocolate :-)"


# What if the user types something different from 'yes' or 'no'?
# Think about a way that you could adapt this script!
# Hint: perhaps you can try adding a loop condition.