As scientists, part of our job is to sparkle the love for science in people’s hearts.

[last update in December 2021]

Currently, I am one of the volunteer mentors in the Girls Educating Girls program which is a project that aims to provide research experience for women enrolled in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields at universities across Puerto Rico. Click here to read about the project!

I am also a volunteer mentor in Earth’s sciences in the program Curious Mind, which is an amazing initiative of the Australian Science Innovations that aims to encourage girls’ passion to pursue STEM. 

Additionally, I have recently joined the meriSTEM team. I am very enthusiastic about sharing some cool information about seismology and help school teachers to improve their approach on teaching science to their students in the classroom!

ANU science week, 2018 (RSES team composed of Julian Byrne, Anna Makushkina , myself, Sima Mousavi, Kate Holland, and Geoff Bonning (from the left to the right hand side). Can you tell what the image behind us is showing ? hint: there is a seismometer in that room which is recording the ground motion 😀
ANU open day, 2018. PhD student Ziyi Zhu (right hand side) is holding some fossil prints!
Ready for a jump test! During the ANU open day (2019) we aimed to show to the public how seismologists use information from earthquakes to understand the structure of the Earth.


At ANU, I have been demonstrating in the following courses:

Before starting my Ph.D., I spent almost a year working as a private tutor, and teaching maths and physics to kids from Years 7 to 12. 

Part of the (160) undergraduate students participating in the Blue Planet field trip to the Snowy Mountains! Everyone had a wonderful time looking at the rocks and correlating what they have learned in the classroom with their observations on the field. Thanks to Tiah Penny for the selfie 😀

Global volunteer, Colombia

Global Volunteers, AIESEC, Bogotá.
Some of the amazing students I had the pleasure to teach at Fundacion Nuevos Horizontes, Bogotá.