Research interests

  • Computational and global observational seismology
  • Inner core anisotropy
  • Mid-mantle seismic interfaces

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Previous work

Bayesian inversion of receiver functions and SWD data

In this study, I was interested in using seismological tools to investigate the crustal depth in the Borborema Province (BP), northeast region of Brazil. We used a Bayesian probabilistic framework to perform joint inversion of receiver functions and surface wave dispersion data to present crustal shear wave velocity models beneath the receivers. Permanent and temporary seismic stations deployed in the BP are operated by the LabSis (UFRN). DOI:

Gravity & magnetic geophysical methods 

During my bachelors and master’s degree, I combined multiple geophysical methods and structural geology data to provide insights on the history of the crustal deformation of Parnaíba sedimentary basin. Methods I have used include seismic reflection, remote sensing, and gravity & magnetic geophysical data.