(2023) Another contribution of my PhD work now published in Nature Communications Nature Portfolio 

Seismologists know very well what a hard task it is to detect shear waves propagating through the inner core of the Earth. These signals are so weakly present in the earthquake records, that are often considered below the observational threshold. I have worked closely with Thanh-Son Pham, Xiaolong Ma, and Hrvoje Tkalčić to push forward our observational capabilities and use the similarity of noisy signals (3-10hrs seismic records after large earthquakes) to detect several spectacularly clear shear waves via the global coda-correlation wavefield. We estimate the **absolute shear-wave speed in the inner core**, and we find the inner core is less rigid than previously thought. Our new observation requires a re-assessment of the inner core composition, including the abundance of light elements, atomic properties and stable crystallographic phases of iron at high pressure and temperature conditions!

Are you interested? You can read more here:  https://rdcu.be/djS4i



(2022) Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship

I am very honoured to be a recipient of the Mervyn and Katalin Paterson Fellowship 2022! So grateful to now have the chance to chat about my Ph.D. research and connect to researchers across Switzerland, France, and Queensland (here in Australia)! This photo of me was taken in 2019 when we were still brainstorming a method to help advance our knowledge of the Earth’s inner core.

(2021) AuSope 2021 Conference

I was awarded a prize for the most inspiring early career research talk during the #auscope2021 conference and my book has finally arrived! Thank you so, So much, @auscopetoolkit for combining my passion for horses and earth sciences in a single package! I LOVE it💗

(2021) The ExtraMile

Last April, I decided to ride 200 km to raise awareness and support the prevention and treatment of people with cerebral palsy (CP) around Australia. Thank You so much to all my fantastic donors/HEROES for your amazing support! The money we raised together is going to help those kids to live their best lives! <3 <3 <3

You can find more information about CP at: https://cerebralpalsy.org.au